Mt Adams Pilgrim Chapel is livelier than many people realize. Some years ago, the church made a commitment to offer “housing” to any group on the Hill that is engaged in constructive endeavors, whenever we have time and space for them.

CCM students have used the Meetinghouse for recitals. Chair of the Trumpet Dept, Scott Belk, was so pleased with the acoustics of the Meetinghouse that he made a recording in the Meetinghouse. SLAA groups meet two nights a week in the Sinclair Room. An AA group meets one night each week. A roaming community choir of Mt Adams rehearses in the Meetinghouse weekly. A yoga group meets on Saturdays. An exercise group, led by Paul Schultes meets Wednesday evenings in the Sinclair Room. Previously, for a time an independent Pre-school met weekdays in the Sinclair Room. For several years the “Mothers of Mt. Adams and Hyde Park” met with their children for indoor play and stories weekly.

Pilgrim Chapel is grounded in our Christian faith and tradition. But, our understanding of Christianity centers not in doctrine or ceremonies or tradition. Rather, our emphasis lies thinking, in reverent praying, prizing learning, encouraging science and scholarship, inculcating the faith, hope and love taught by Jesus, helping the lost, lonely and needy and working for justice and peace for all people and nations. We celebrate “Evolution Sunday” annually.

We are moved spiritually in Lord’s Day divine worship & in Holy Communion each month, the candle-light Christmas Eve service, and Holy Easter.A “Pilgrim” is someone on a journey. MAPC “Pilgrims” come from many religious backgrounds. We come questing for “more light” for the path of life. We come respecting others and their traditions. We aspire to treat one another respectfully and courteously. We are growing in our generosity toward others, toward the church and toward culture and charity. We honor the mission of practicing a life stance of reverence for the divine, and creation God has given us, and encouraging others to do so.

Pilgrim Chapel is a community of joyful celebration. Whether it is a wedding, or translating worship into contemporary terms such as “Baseball Sunday,” boiling Thanksgiving turkeys, or eating and drinking on “Derby Sunday” in the spring or at the Spaghetti Supper in the fall, celebration is part of the fabric of life in Pilgrim Chapel.

One of each year’s high points is on Christmas Sunday, when our canine friends don “Friendly Beasts” personae, and enrich our tableau as cows, and camels, and sheep and doves.

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