Many names have some special intrinsic meaning. ALL names are important (maybe, even sacred) to the person who is called by the name. No two persons are—or ever have been—identical. And, that is true out of the billions of humans who have existed and do now exist.

When the “old” (unregenerate) Scrooge spoke of the poor, he exclaimed “Are there no prisons? Are there no work houses? Let them go there”. “Let them die and reduce the surplus population!”

Can there be in a Judaeo-Christian world “throw away” people? Or, are there only children of God (including the confused, the mean, and vicious? This is a difficult question for many of us when we think of those who have been convicted of monstrous and horrific crimes. In most American states, the death penalty is meted out to those who have committed murders and/or other vicious crimes. In a few cases, even minors have been executed.

But, America is slowly turning away from the death penalty, as it is increasingly realized that there are people on “death row” who are, in fact, not guilty. And, there have been instances of the actual executions of persons who were not guilty, including children, such as George Junius Stinney. Society has learned through science that children do not have mental capacity to act as adults.

Many people are increasingly of the view that it is actually a heavier punishment to be locked up “forever” than to be injected with a lethal concoction of chemicals. What do you think?

It is my prayer, that, more people will question the value of capital punishment and long and harsh sentences for persons who have violated social norms and societal edicts by using forbidden drugs, or who committed other minor offenses. Are not more moderate sentences both less costly to taxpayers and the employment of healing therapies more beneficial than incarceration? Is it truly good to expose minor offenders to hardened criminals from whom they can learn a criminal way of life? Do the rest of us benefit when a minor offender is given a “record” that thereafter denies meaningful employment with consequences that make them tax USERS instead of tax PAYERS?

It seems to me that the very purpose of the Lord Jesus was to bring light and life to ALL people…and ESPECIALLY, to “sinners!” And, even sinners have personhood and real names! So, it is my hope that all Christians will work for the healing and redemption of ALL!

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