HAVE A LITTLE FAITH by sports writer and movie producer Mitch Ablom is a true story and a moving and inspiring book. Ostensibly about a Rabbi and a Pastor, it is really about life and joy. You can read it in 3 hours. I couldn’t put it down. It really made me think. Do read it! You will be rewarded! The book sent me to introspection and filled my heart with the loving possibilities open to us all. And, it stimulated me to remember such important truths as:

1. You never know the burdens and stresses the other person endures. You cannot perceive the world as he/she does.

2. People CAN change. “Conversion” can be real and VERY positive. Some have gone from “criminal” to “saint.”

3. Be forgiving of other’s and your own faults.

4. Be generous. Help others. There is truth in the “law of Karma” as stated by Jesus: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

5, Don’t be easily offended. Grievance takes precious energy and thought that would be better spent on constructive things.

6. Practice courtesy and kindness.

7. Develop a wider vision. There are huge considerations in God’s great world, and they all impinge on our lives directly and/or indirectly. Everything and everyone are related.

7. A church is a community; an extended family. In Roman Catholic terminology the organization and corporation
are “accident.” The “organism”—the community—is the “essence.” That is to say that, for legal reasons, we have to the “outward and visible” form (a corporation), but, our reality is the “inward and invisible” spiritual realities of friendship, service, vision, purpose, & more.

In these next few weeks, I hope to show that the “10 Commandments” are not only “dressed” in ancient thought forms and conditioned by an ancient culture, but also express valuable truth that knows no limits of time, place and culture. They contain that which empowers us to live more successful and more fruitful lives. To do that helps bring peace, prosperity, health and accord to our world.

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