Pilgrim Chapel is a decade older than it was when it first became my privilege to be your pastor. Many things have changed and splendid projects have presented themselves.

We are better known for fine music on “the hill.” The future should bring us continued great music and better opportunities to enrich the lives of this community.

One of my goals is to encourage the congregation to stimulate one another to find new opportunities to become richer blessings to the community.

In pre-Christian Jewish times, the Bible teaches that Hebrew people were blessed so that they could be a blessing to the world. What a concept!  As we bless others, so in turn we become blessed. And as we become the bringers of justice, peace, and freedom to others, we “catch” these blessings and the blessings grow in the world around us.

I believe that God calls each congregation to develop an identity of being a blessing, and that each of us individually is motivated to become a “blesser” of others.  As the world around us is ever better, so is the joy that flows through us and the others around us.

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