“Doctrine” means teaching. “Dogma” means RIGHT teaching. All churches have doctrine. Only strong authoritarian churches have dogma. New scientific discoveries can often prove that some dogma is simply wrong. When that happens, the standing and reputation of the church which proclaims the dogma is damaged.

That is why we hold our beliefs in faith and trust, that we encourage science and scholarship to seek and find new truths. That is also why it is so important for us to study the life of Jesus, to work and pray that we live and walk in His Spirit, “oozing” thanksgiving all the day long. To do so, enables us to view God’s creation with reverence, to treat others with kindness and compassion, practicing generosity and lavish hospitality to those with whom we interact.

In Christian usage, “the body of Christ” is a phrase generally meaning the group of people who follow and are loyal to Christ. Jesus Himself used the richest and most colorful language imaginable. This is My body…eat” is a powerful and dramatic saying which means “take the essence of My spirit and character into your heart…let the love of God flow through Me and into you and through you, into others.”

It is our challenge in the communions service to renew the best that God has given us and to walk in the spirit of Christ, and to share what we have experienced with others.

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