In all human history no person has loomed so large as Jesus.   Those who followed Him called him Rabbi, Teacher, Lord and Savior.   And what is it he brought to them and what is it that He gives us today?

1. He modeled inner reflection.  We read how he retreated to the wilderness for 40 days to think, to fast and pray.   So, we, too, should find time to think deeply and listen for the still small voice of God within.

2. He lived resolve.   In the very face of what may have been the greatest empire in the history of the world with the most powerful military, Jesus was willing to face down the authorities and suffer humiliating torture and execution for His cause.   Shakespeare expressed the Lord’s idea thus:

“Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant never taste of death but once.”

3.  Jesus modeled and taught us to seize the initiative.   Never let others set the tone of the relationship.   Treat them with courtesy.   Treat them with kindness.  Be honorable.   Be empathetic.   You may win or lose their business.   You may even lose all relationships you had with them, but you preserve your key to happiness, and that key opens the door to new and better relationships and opportunities.

4. He modeled and taught us that it is not what happens to one that is significant, but how we respond to it.   You may or may not be strong, bright, wealthy, healthy all your life.   BUT, you can choose how you will carry whatever has been given you.    And, many of us know from experience, that if we let the Mind of Christ dwell in us, whatever adversity we face hurts less.

The legacy Jesus has given us is living joyfully and in abundance.   This kind of inner peace and joy IS a form of wealth;  and it is THE most valuable form of wealth.  Money is limited in value to what it will buy, which is a whole array of splendid good and services.    But, the very point of having those goods and services is to be inwardly happy, joyful and in peace.  Hence, there is true power by living in Him.

Some call him Savior, for His way saves us from ourselves and the worst that can exist within us.   Some call Him Lord, for to live in obedience to His way IS to know peace and joy.   “In the world you shall have troubles; but, be of good cheer; for, I have overcome the world.”  Jn 16:33

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