It is MOTHER’S DAY.  For many., if not for most of us, the thought of Mother is the warmest thought of all.  Of all people, Mother is the one who is most dependable.   It is mother who cares the most for us.  It is Mother who sacrifices,   A mother whom I know, received a letter in which the writer stated “I know you are a great mother…because I see it in the eyes of your children who, obviously, adore you.”

              Unfortunately,  There are women who have borne children only  to abandon them, or abuse them, or even sell them.   Too often have we read in our local paper in recent years of troubled or confused women who had borne children but who had so grievously abused their child or children that surely they had forfeited the right to be called “mother.”  It seems likely to me that such women were themselves, neglected, damaged or abused as children.

              How can our society create an ethos in which strong and wholesome women are developed?   How can we support and help Mothers teach children to live with reasonable discipline, a work ethic and modeling attitudes of hospitality and generosity?  Teaching them to build strong minds and strong bodies?     Surely our churches and our neighborhoods and Social groups are extended families in which it is our duty to care…Maybe it does take a village to rear a child..

              A very good start is to focus on Rabbi Jesus, our savior from sin, self, death and hell, and our lord of life.  This day, in a mood of holiness I remember my sainted mother who taught me the old song:   Oh, how I love Jesus, O how I love Jesus, O how I love Jesus, because he first loved me.

          Welcome the love of God as seen in Jesus to flow through  us!


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