Mt Adams Pilgrim Chapel has served as a spiritual center on “the hill” for 130 years…welcoming people of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds.   We gather to study, question, grow, give, serve, and celebrate the love of God.

With roots in Lutheran and Reform traditions, and other roots in the Separatist tradition of the Mayflower Pilgrims who came in 1620, founding such colleges as Harvard, Yale, Williams, Amherst and dozens more, Pilgrim Chapel prizes learning and celebrates science, observing “Evolution Week” annually.

While specifically Christian, looking to spiritual teachings of Rabbi Jesus for central guidance as “the founder and finisher of our faith,” Pilgrim Chapel extends respect, friendship, acceptance and hospitality to those reared in other traditions who come in peace seeking growth and harmony.

Many Pilgrim congregants throughout the year work and share in the ministry to some of Cincinnati’s most deprived people in Camp Washington, together with other congregations in cooperation with Washington United Church of Christ.

Performers from CCM, or other splendid young talents, contribute to the service most Sundays.   For some of these young people Pilgrim Chapel becomes “their” church for their times away from home base.

In a world so often riven with hate, ignorance, hunger, violence, injustice, partisanship, acrimony and dishonesty, Pilgrim Chapel hears the call to a better world, and is dedicated to developing people whose lives will make this world that better world: safer, kinder, more just, freer, and open to growth.

Pilgrim Chapel’s humble antique Meetinghouse regularly hosts meetings of 12 step groups and many others offering constructive, artistic, healing, or learning services.

The late Father James Keller, founder of The Christophers, borrowed from and old Chinese proverb and gave America a slogan…..”it is better to light one little candle than to curse the darkness.”

So, let it be.

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