Whether you call it “Moral Law” or “the golden rule” or something else, there is a good chance you have experienced it. Rarely when we do a good deed for another person, does THAT person do a similar good deed for us. However, good things for us seemingly come “out of the blue.” And kindness begets kindness.
Jesus taught the value of giving. In Luke 6:38, He counsels: “Give and it shall be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing.” The late Oral Roberts called this “seed faith.” A touching movie called it “paying forward.” It is my experience that good things DO come to those who do good things for others. However, the totality of Jesus’ teaching suggests that generosity, kindness, and helpfulness should be performed without expectation of reward.

Yet, there seems to be a spiritual law that “as you sow, so shall you reap.” Our deeds and our intentions often determine our destinies.
Jesus was a Jew. Never did he repudiate Judaism. In fact he said, “I am not come to destroy the (Jewish) Law, but, rather to fulfill it.” Those of His time who encountered him so often called him “Rabbi:” “my teacher.”

The King James translation of the Bible has Jesus speaking about the “Kingdom of God.” Modern translators usually call it the “reign” or “rulership” of God. The form of government known to the contemporaries of Jesus was a Kingdom. All nations were led by Kings. Today—given the way they governed—we would call them “Dictators.” Today Republics outnumber kingdoms.
Jesus described his relationship to us in such images as “yokefellow.” “…My yoke is easy; my burden is light.” That is, we are his partners, just as two oxen are partners in pulling the wagon. As His partners, it is our charge to prepare minds and relationships for the “coming” of the Christ Spirit into our minds and our relationships. This means being reverent, appreciative, and courteous; listening to others; being thoughtful, putting a significant portion of our energy and assets to work for that which is Godly.

I believe it is our charge to avoid being reactionary; but, rather to be “Pro”-actionary. We are not to simply wait around and respond to what comes. Rather, we are to “find a need and fill it.” We are to look for opportunities to GIVE of our money, our time, our energy, and our commitment to Christ things in and through the church.

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