Guest Speakers

As evolutionary Christians, we are dedicated to increased intellectual and spiritual growth.  From time to time, we invite guests from all backgrounds and walks of life to help expand our horizons.

Guest speakers are often clergy who are known for a powerful message and a compelling presentation of it.

Interviewees are noteworthy people whose faith has often been a driving force in their outstanding contributions and leadership. Our Pastor interviews these interesting people about their life experience and their faith.

Austin Schiff

Staff-Schiff-HeadshotOn September 27, 2015, Austin Schiff, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Squash Academy spoke about the success of Cincinnati’s only urban squash program. Schiff, the son of a Cincinnati physician, played for and coached Vanderbilt’s club team. Now, back home, he has been leading a team of squash coaches and committed teachers to transform talented students in under-served communities into scholar-athletes, productive citizens, and future leaders with character.

In squash, when you retrieve a difficult shot, it’s a “nice get.” CSA is out to achieve—“nice gets” in neighborhoods where too many children are missing the ball.

“The most important thing, by far, is that the program be high quality in every way,” he says. “And that the kids and their families understand this is a significant life commitment.”

John Morris Russell

h0823allzonesareanewsThe first wonderful interview of the new program year of the church will be September 8.  Conductor of the immensely popular Cincinnati POPS Orchestra will be with us, John  Morris Russell.   The POPS has sold more recordings than any other symphony on the planet!   Many regard it as THE greatest POPS orchestra in the world…!




Burch Riber

Our special May 6, 2012 Derby Day Guest, Mr. Riber is a lifelong Christian and member of Hyde Park United Methodist Church. Reared in Hillsboro Ohio, he attended Ohio State University. Burch is a former executive with Taft Broadcasting and Director of Promotions at Kings Island. He is the founder of Riber Sports Marketing which has put on golf and other sporting events in many countries of the world. Mr. Riber has been “hooked on horses” for many decades and has owned race horses.  When Burch and his wonderful wife Charlotte made end of life pre-plans, Burch asked her to be cremated and buried at the finish line of River Downs because, as he noted, “I’ve been buried there so many times before!”


Dr. Roger Blackwell

Dr. Roger Blackwell’s story of his personal odyssey and spiritual beliefs was an inspiration to all.  Questionably convicted of insider trading, he used his time while in federal prison to motivate and educate his fellow inmates not only on academic subjects but on how to practice forgiveness and compassion.  He is the author of more than 40 books and countless articles on marketing.  While a professor at The Ohio State University, he was a popular lecturer known for his humorous teaching techniques.  As of now, Dr. Blackwell has resumed his book publishing and is in high demand as a corporate speaker.


Honorable Judge Nathaniel Jones

In recent days, we have met the distinguished Federal Appeals Judge, Nathaniel Jones.   Judge Jones gave trenchant insights on Americanism, family living, and desired roles for churches.   All in attendance left both inspired and challenged.



Bruce Cromer

During the Christmas season, we met “Scrooge;  that is the noted and extraordinary actor, Bruce Cromer, who annually plays Scrooge in the CHRISTMAS CAROL, at Cincinnati’s Playhouse in the Park.   Bruce’s deep commitments and fundamental decency inspired all who heard him.