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A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the wedding date. This deposit will be applied to the above costs. Payment in full is due one day before the wedding.

MAPC is a unique and historic part of Cincinnati’s spiritual history, the 125 year old Chapel has been carefully restored to maintain its historic character. With this in mind, you are respectfully requested to take all care to preserve its integrity. The Chapel is Handicap Accessible and offers both indoor and outdoor settings for weddings. To download a wedding application, please click the link below.

Pilgrim Chapel Wedding Form

To download a wedding policies, please click the link or read the details below.

Wedding policies

Photographs To insure the dignity of the wedding ceremony in the Chapel, NO FLASH PICTURES MAY BE TAKEN DURING THE SERVICE. Flash exposures may be taken both before and after the service, while the bride walks down the aisle and during the lighting of the unity candle. Couples should inform their photographer and family members of this policy. Video cameras are welcome in the Chapel when they are placed in a stationary, inconspicuous position. Smoking: Pilgrim Chapel is a NON SMOKING facility. Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages may be served, but not sold. Church Access The Chapel can be available on the Wedding Day up to two hours before the scheduled service. Decoration Use of DRIPLESS candles only is permitted. No nails or staples may be used. Only masking tape is permitted, as all other tapes tend to strip paint from the walls. Decorations are to be removed after the wedding and on the same day as the ceremony. Parking on Mt. Adams Because Mt. Adams is a quaint, charming and highly desirable location it has become popular for both living and for restaurants, bars, churches and other destinations. Parking for EVERY entity on the Mount is at a Premium. We are pleased at the Chapel that arrangements have been made for adequate nearby parking for those who attend events at Pilgrim Chapel. Bus parking is available nearby. Complete information is provided when a date is reserved for a wedding at Pilgrim Chapel. Officiants It is the policy of Pilgrim Chapel that the officiant is one of the Ministers of Pilgrim Chapel. Should outside clergy be desired to participate in the service, wedding couples may request our Pastor to issue an invitation to outside clergy. Only Mt. Adams Pilgrim Chapel Clergy will issue such invitations. Ordinarily, only regularly ordained ministers in good standing in communions affiliated with the denominations represented in the Cincinnati Council of Christian Communions or World Council of Churches may give leadership in Pilgrim Chapel.  

Pilgrim Chapel Aspires to be a church of the "open mind, the open heart and the open hand."


Sunday services are held each Sunday at 10:30 AM. Singular services include weddings, baptisms, renewal of vows, anniversary celebrations and end of life rites. From time to time, other special services may be held.


Mt Adams Pilgrim Chapel is a place of celebration. Each Sunday after services congregants and guests gather for refreshments. Some Sundays there are luncheons and programs. Most last for one hour. All congregants, neighbors and friends are welcome.


Packages Large weddings $1,250 This includes use of the Chapel for both a rehearsal and the wedding service. It also includes the services of one of the Pastors of Pilgrim Chapel to officiate, and for one or two conferences with the couple getting married. It includes the services of Pilgrim Chapel’s Wedding Coordinator and sound system operator.

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Main Office 513.381.7999 Reverend David V. Schwab, Senior Pastor Or feel free to drop us a note or any suggestions via email at

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We claim Jesus as the model for our lives.  We strive toward an open culture where questions, doubts and struggles are expected.  Saints and sinners are welcome without prejudice.