The young man has just graduated from Medical School.   His father’s friend, an ophthalmologist asked to see him.   To the young man the Ophthalmologist said, “Go into ophthalmology; that is where the money is.”

The father was sickened. For, he believed that Medicine is a profession, not a business.   Its goal should be the healing of the ills of mankind.  In our system, the money should take care of itself for physicians.  The young doctor should be focused on his/her patient; and on the proper diagnosis, and the most effective likely cure.

The same goes for Ministers and Attorneys (the others in the triad of learned professions.)

There is nothing wrong with making money.  Business, industry, banking and brokerage are among many honorable and proper ways to make money.   Law degrees are good assets for business or industry.

Rev John Wesley, founder of Methodism, said “a Christian should make all the money he can, save all the money he can, and give all the money he can to the work of the Lord.”    AMEN!   I hope YOU will follow that advice.   But, if your calling is to a service profession:  ministry, medicine, law, teaching, etc.  I hope you will be well paid, but PLEASE        do not corrupt your focus which ought to be on service, by focusing on making money.

Muddying the water are those who have preparation for law or other profession who find their true calling to be in business….or at the other end in painting, composing or sculpting.

Our personal challenge is to ask What is MY calling? and to answer that question truly, honorably and to the best of our abilities.

It is my prayer that in this congregation are those caring souls who cure others’ knowledge deficiencies through teaching;  others who cure society’s ills through legislating or adjudicating; others who build great businesses that generate good products or services for others and enrich themselves; some who heal sick bodies and minds;  others who discover nature’s secrets or who invent tools of every kind; others who are salesmen, or industrial workers whose daily output enriches our society.

I hope that YOU have found—or will find—God’s calling for you; and that you will do the very best that is within you, and while doing that you will grow and refine your soul into someone who is truly saintly.   And, it is my hope that we will all respect, honor and value one another, and make our spiritual community—Pilgrim Chapel– holy and beautiful!

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