Sunday is “the Lord’s day.” It is a time to focus on who we are, where we came from, and the end point of our destiny. Each time I see a newborn baby, I am deeply moved by the miracles of life. and of God’s creation. We are a children of God. We are of incalculable value.
I don’t know how long the American manifestation will last. I do know about the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the empires of Spain and Holland, and of the Aztecs and Incas. All came to an end. So, it is likely that America will face changes that cannot be foreseen today.
In my opinion, America is more than just a place. It is a vision. It is an idea. It is a spirit. America is a constellation of spiritual values. America means respect for every person. America means justice for all. America means freedom: political, economic and religious. It means freedom of thought and freedom of speech. America is STILL a land where most people believe in God and aspire to live Godly lives.
Students in schools in many lands surpass the academic achievements of the average American child. However, in no place do the children grow up to be achievers to the degree and in numbers as do American children.
America is not perfect. Racism and culture clash still abound. We have not yet figured out the proper disposition of the “desperate people who do desperate things.” I cannot say that if I were hungry and homeless –  that in desperation – might not steal. Neither can you. We do not know what we might do in those circumstances. WE have never been there. Our Christian faith and our patriotism demand that we not flag  in pursuit of attaining the vision of America!
As we gather in the Chapel today, we re-affirm Truth that we know. People who live the Spirit of Christ and by the teachings of Christ to experience joy daily.
With our guest Betty Rosemond, today we celebrate our oneness as Christians, no matter our color. As Betty has shown through her bravery, we vow to make our society ever better, respecting and valuing all people.
Practice on one another here and now: courtesy, kindness, sympathy and concern. Pray for one another. And let the love of God flow through you like a mighty torrent! This morning, pray for the persons on either side and in front and behind you. Pray for the Pastors. Pray for our schools and hospitals. Pray for our political leaders. Pray for those who collect our trash and garbage! Enjoy the Love of God that you will experience!

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