Join us for Sunday worship at at 10:30 am

Mount Adams Pilgrim chapel


If you cannot find a spot on Ida Street parking is generally available within the green zones below.  Congregants’  favorite location is in the parking lot at the point where Museum Drive becomes Ida St. We may also park on the driveway of the Playhouse in the Park. Both locations are just  one block away. Please note that parking is not availble across the street from the church in the lot where the red “x” is located (this is a private lot). See ya Sunday!

Pilgrim Chapel Aspires to be a church of the "open mind, the open heart and the open hand."


Sunday services are held each Sunday at 10:30 AM. Singular services include weddings, baptisms, renewal of vows, anniversary celebrations and end of life rites. From time to time, other special services may be held.


Mt Adams Pilgrim Chapel is a place of celebration. Each Sunday after services congregants and guests gather for refreshments. Some Sundays there are luncheons and programs. Most last for one hour. All congregants, neighbors and friends are welcome.

Contact Us

Main Office 513.381.7999 Reverend David V. Schwab, Senior Pastor Or feel free to drop us a note or any suggestions via email at

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Come and Worship with Us...

We claim Jesus as the model for our lives.  We strive toward an open culture where questions, doubts and struggles are expected.  Saints and sinners are welcome without prejudice.