Our Congregationalist, Reformed, Lutheran tradition of UCC is one in which Christians are involved in deciding the “burning questions” of the day. For example:

Jesus said, “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Mark 12:17)

To me this means that citizens who are Christians should be involved in resolving public questions; that we should be members of political parties that substantially represent our views; that we should be involved in volunteer groups, and associations that work to advance causes we believe are correct and just.

It is also clear to me that Christian view points come from study of the Scriptures, thinking, taking personal responsibility, listening for “the still small voice within,” and interaction with others who are also concerned about the welfare of our world.

I think it is not the role of the church to tell you what political opinions to hold or what causes should involve you. I do think it proper and responsible for the Church to ask that you fulfill the duties of a citizen in a republic where citizenship is essential.

I hope and pray that your opinions and mine are informed and responsible. I also hope and pray that you and I and all our congregants can share with one another on important contemporary questions; that we can do so with mutual respect and courtesy; and that we will be open to “hearing” one another and to changing our views when it seems warranted by facts., logic, and what we understand to be a Christian world view.

Ours is the faith of the Beechers who so eloquently opposed slavery, of John Eliot, who served among American Indians, teaching them to read and to respond to the claims of Christ. It is the tradition of the Adamses who served as Presidents and strove for freedom of all citizens, and it is the church tradition of Calvin Coolidge (R) and Barack Obama (D) who, in their own ways (albeit different) labored for the welfare of the Republic.

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