July, 31, 2011
Many of us are saddened and some of us are angry about the present partisanship in Washington. The strife there may well have shaken the world’s financial foundation.  The significance of the various possible outcomes is in dispute.   But, many economists state that the matter is VERY significant and could have large economic consequences for us ALL.    It is quite possible that there are a variety of viewpoints on this cluster of issues within our own spiritual family of Pilgrim Chapel.   In fact, I’d be very surprised if we all had the same psychological makeup, the same education, the same set of experiences, and the same views.   But, our own perspectives shared with one another can benefit us all.

There is, in the controversy, some ancillary matters that are of great importance to a Christian community.    It is important that we be respectful of one another’s views.   It is important that we deal courteously with others.    It is important that we be honest and open to one another.   It is important that we strive to be thoughtful and responsible Christian citizens who respond to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.

I strongly believe that God is honored when we share—openly, courteously and respectfully—our own views on important concerns with others.   Let it be stipulated that none of us can EVER know ALL the facts.   Hence, no matter our feeling of certainty, there is always a possibility of some error in our thinking.   Hence, there is every reason for personal humility, and openness to learning from one another.    EVERY person here today knows SOMETHING that would be of value to every other person here, if he/she knew that “something.”

Writing Mini-Essay forces the writer to think and to express the thoughts in a compact space.   It would be WONDERFUL if YOU—and every other “Pilgrim” would write for this space a mini-essay.

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